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VITACENTER Tea - the tea of life!

   Russia's Institute of Food Industry specially developed herbal taking into account national traditions of Russia, contemporary tastes and the past century, knowledge about medicinal herbs. You probably know about the healing properties of many plants, but did you know that in certain combinations of plants may acquire additional new properties? Scientists have carefully studied this interesting discovery, and on the basis of findings were drawn up complex patterns of compatibility of various plants. These data have helped to create a series of unusual for its curative powers of tea drinks "VITACENTER" we are pleased to present to your attention.

   Tea drinks trademark "VITACENTER" represent a unique mixture of herbs and berries, collected in the most ecologically clean regions of Russia with the observance of all rules of collection and harvesting. Tea drinks are packaged in a convenient filter bags, so you can easily "absorb" a health, a gift from nature, to get the charge strength and courage for the whole day, which is especially important to a person living in today's technocratic world.


   Teas and tea drinks "VITACENTER" - is the optimum combination of high quality and moderate prices. Quality products for the first time allows us not only to benefit from its application, but to have fun, and reasonable prices make it interesting both economically and socially, because it is designed for any group of consumers. His motto is "healthy and tasty" We successfully implemented in our products, an assortment list is constantly expanding and updated.

   Products "VITACENTER" spread through the trading network of shops, markets, pharmacies, in fitness clubs, health centers, hospitals, clinics, bathhouses, saunas, medical rehabilitation centers. By becoming our partner, you can extend and complement this list. Working together with us, you will significantly improve their welfare and help create a healthy and happy society in which our children will live!